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The CURENT Large-scale Testbed (LTB) is a state-of-the-art research facility designed for rapid prototyping of power systems. It is a tightly integrated, closed-loop platform consisting of four major independent packages: ANDES for dynamic simulation, AMS for dispatch simulation, AGVis for grid visualization, and DiME for distributed messaging environment. These LTB packages can be used individually or in a federated manner, making it a versatile and comprehensive platform for power system research and development.

Getting Started

Check out the installation and hands-on tutorial at Getting Started with LTB. Take a look at the Showcase for more research demo.

Design Philosophy

The purpose of LTB is to offer a rapid prototyping environment for power system research and development. We kindly ask that you cite the following papers if LTB is used in your research.

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  3. N. Parsly, J. Wang, N. West, Q. Zhang, H. Cui and F. Li, "DiME and AGVis: A Distributed Messaging Environment and Geographical Visualizer for Large-Scale Power System Simulation," 2023 North American Power Symposium (NAPS), Asheville, NC, USA, 2023, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/NAPS58826.2023.10318583.


Oklahoma State University
Mississippi State University
Missouri S&T
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Achillea Research
University of Denver
Raytheon Technologies
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory